Sunday, November 4, 2007

Quick Picks

I haven't blogged all week (post Sox comedown, I think). But here are the quick picks with Tax and Death Updates to come today (and a postgame report on the Bills).

BILLS (+1) over Bengals Yeah, Losman in again (as he should have been last week anyway). He should be able to complete at least one bomb to his own guys today. And what's this I see? Fucking Solomon Wilcots is calling the game? Good Christ - I get to listen about how well the "Bee-ills" are playing today. Maybe I'll listen to the NFL audio coverage at

LIONS (-3) over Broncos

TITANS (-4) over Panthers
David Carr on the road? No thank you.

CHEIFS (-2) over Packers I have to believe arrowhead is good for something.

Chargers (-7) over VIKINGS

FALCONS (-3.5) over Niners
Simmons's "sleeper" is comatose, but the Niners are Schaivo-tose at this point.

SAINTS (-3) over Jaguars

Washington (-3.5) over JETS
The Jets can go straight to hell.

Cardinals (+3.5) over BUCS

Seahawks (+1) over BROWNS

Pats (-5.5) over COLTS

Texans (+3) over RAIDERS

EAGLES (+3) over Cowboys

STEELERS (-9) over Ravens

Go here for the best NFL preview going.

And here is Bflo Blog's tailgate.

Enjoy the games, and don't forget - this guy is the WORST commentator going. God he sucks.

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