Thursday, July 23, 2009

Diiii Heard That - R.I.P. Les Lye

Les Lye, known to people of my generation (at least those of us who lived in or near Canada) as "Barth" from the Canadian TV show You Can't Do That on Television died Tuesday at the age of 84.

He actually played most of the adult characters on the show, notorious for the "sliming" of people when they answered "I don't know" to a question. But chief among them was dirty, crusty diner cook "Barth":

Here is a gallery of various of his characters, strangely hosted by a german tribute site.

I have an odd memory of a particular episode where each character he portrayed smoked - and bad things happened as a result. Apparently he wasn't a smoker and as a coda to the episode, one of the kids interviewed him out of character - he wheezed and coughed like he couldn't breathe to emphasize the evils of tobacco, I guess. I bought it (of course I was 11).

Anyway, I was able to establish my Canadian street cred having watched the show and I'm grateful for his work.

The obit is here

The taxes update was earlier today. The baseball update is off for today as the Sox are off.

I'll end though with the quote of the day, courtesy of Shysterball (describing the Jays-Indians series):
And man, between the Indians putridity and the sense of foreboding surrounding the Jays at the deadline, this series is more depressing than watching "Requiem for a Dream" while listening to a Morrissey box set.


Finally, DeWayne Wise's amazing catch:

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