Friday, August 17, 2007

Quick updates today as I am slammed at work - Sox play 2 though, so I'll be listening on

The Baseball Update

No game yesterday as the Sox gear up for the Angels. 1:05 start today with Clay Buchholz set to make his major league debut against John Lackey. The game could also see Jacoby Ellsbury's return to Fenway (just short-lived, according to the Herald's blog - Bobby Kielty will soon be called up.

I read on Sox Nest (go visit) and elsewhere that Ellsbury shares a resemblance with Johnny Damon. You be the judge.

Personally, I think Buchholz looks like Tom Glavine

Go to Keep Your Sox On for a Live Blog of today's games.

The Taxes Update

Literally nothing of note today in the tax world. Andy Stern of the Service Employees International Union spoke up today concerning taxes paid by private equity funds - tying it to job cuts and instability (and a nice jab at KKR for its problems with hung bridge debt). Another log on the fire.

The Death Update

One big notable - legendary drummer Max Roach passed away yesterday in an undisclosed hospital here in Manhattan. He was 83. He was a founder, with Bird, Diz, and all the others, of bebop. I like his work with Abbey Lincoln the best. I never saw him play, or even really heard him much, except on specific recordings, but I distinctly remember a 60 minutes profile of Johnny Carson who is kind of an amateur jazz drummer, sitting at his kit with headphones on. The interviewer asked him who he was listening to and Carson said Max Roach - that he was trying to play like Roach. The obit is here.

And the video is here. Enjoy.

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