Monday, September 10, 2007

The Baseball Update

Didn't get to see much of tonight's 1-0 loss to the Rays. And that would appear to have been a good thing. 7th time shut out this season. Kazmir's stuff did look nasty.

Three Things I noticed: (1) Coco was again fantastic. Great catch in center against the garage door, then another SB in the 8th to try to keep the Sox's hopes alive (unfortunately Lowell struck out - and, ahem, Lowell is 3-27 in his last 7 games). (2) Man, but is Pedroia fiery. That should shut Eric Wilbur up (he had this typically annoying Dirt Dog-esque piece about the Sox' lack of identity). Between Pedroia's "F*CK" after striking out in the 8th and his comments about Daniel Cabrera from over the weekend ("he's a moron") I think we have our fiery mascot. Move over Hudler, here's the new wonderdog. (3)(a) Andy Garcia was in the crowd at Fenway and man has he gone to hell. (b) The NESN cameraman has a knack for focusing on an attractive woman right before a pitcher pitches at a crucial moment. Without fail, he pans around the crowd for a bit, then just before the pitch, zooms in on some blonde. I guess it must take the rest of the time between pitches to find an attractive woman at Fenway.

The Taxes Update Finished my client alert today. Won't be posted until tomorrow. Here is Proskauer Rose's alert on the new rules applicable to tax exempt investors in funds.

The Death Update Jane Wyman, Ronnie's first wife, passed away today at the age of 93. Here is a piece on the lesser-known Jane Wyman-Lew Ayres romance. And the obit is here.

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