Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Monday (actually Tuesday) Update

I've updated the pick results at the left and have included the Sportsguy's: picks. Poor second weekend. Neither the Saints nor the Falcons were who I thought they were.

Patriots obviously just destroyed the Chargers last night. It was very cool to see a team come out and just TCB like that, especially after all the ridiculousness of the past week.

Sox are officially worrying me. Not for the division - I think they're golden there. But there is a worrying inconsistency there. In all facets. We just came off three solid starts in the Yankee series, which went for naught because of one bad pitch by Schilling and one massive bullpen meltdown. But the bats were weak last night and tonight. I didn't get to watch the game and was too busy at work to pay much close attention, so no Three things I noticed, but I don't thin my input would add anything to the frustrating inconsistency.

I'm not one of those people who would say "even though the Sox have the best record, they're not the best team", but the Yanks have definitely outplayed them, against a more difficult schedule, the past 50 games.

Only Tax Update of the day was a report by to Penn economists that pointed out what I, along with many, have already pointed out - that as far as real revenues from carried interest in funds go, like Oakland, there's no there there. Carry constitutes about 20-25% of comp/payout to GPs of funds. A minor part of overall comp. Naturally because this is an average, it includes all the zeros to lower-performing funds, and for top-tier funds, carry is probably 70-80% of ultimate comp; however, it further gives lie to the notion that this is a tax loophole that is bleeding the Treasury of money that could be used to offset an AMT fix (which absolutely dwarfs the cash that would be raised by raising taxes on carry).

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