Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Morning Links

Fire Brand of the AL has last night's game story.

Keep Your Sox On compares last night's game to a traditional Greek tragedy. So who was the chorus?

Over the Monster breaks down a just awful, Stark-ian, if you will, piece on about the AL Cy Young race. Any piece that (1) puts Wang in the top tier of Cy candidates and (2) even mentioned Joe Borowski in the same neighborhood as Cy Young is DOA.

And I went for the easy joke and called Joe Maddon a Uncle Junior lookalike:

Surviving Grady does much better by describing his "Grandpa who digs on The Arcade Fire and knows the guy from Yo La Tengo personally" eyeware. Well done.

Hopefully Kevin Everett will walk again. Good news, really remarkable news, so far.

Buffalo Rumblings details the now thin Bills defense since Ko Simpson is now out for the year. It's going to be an ugly season.

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