Sunday, September 23, 2007

Quick NFL Picks

More to come later. Hope Teams in Caps

Colts (-6) over TEXANS. O.k. My lack of faith in the Colts D has been beaten down worse than Carlo Rizzi. Houston without Andre Johnson is like a gun with no bullets (although the gun wasn't that impressive in the first place).

Chargers (-5) over THE FAVRES. I'm hoping for a solid outing by the grey bearded one for my fantasy team's sake, but the Chargers are a better team than they looked last week (although still not as good as they think they are).

CHIEFS (-2.5) over Vikings. The Chiefs are downright terrible, but there must still be some advantage to playing in Arrowhead (the geographic arrangement of which is strange - it's out in a barren industrial area outside Kansas City, and right across the street from Kaufman Stadium).

Bills (+16.5) over PATRIOTS. I thought the college games were all yesterday. Nobody circles the .... whatever.

BUCS (-3.5) over Rams. The Bucs D still looks relatively impressive and Garcia is no joke. Also, I hate the Rams.

Lions (+6.5) over the EAGLES. Looks like Kevin Jones will play and apparently the Lions have God in their corner. Re. what McNabb said - I agree to a point, but the Eagles fans are going to give it to him right in the ear upon the first misstep.

Niners (+9) over STEELERS. The Steelers are good, but they've beaten up two sorry teams (I refuse at this point to believe that the Browns are decent). The Niners have been struggling with unreasonable expectations, and I think this is the week that they put it together and lose by 7.

JETS (-3) over Dolphins. Jets are another team that aren't awful. They got smoked by the Pats CLEARLY because the Pats were cheating and were a dropped pass or two away from beating the Ravens.

Buzzsaw (+8) over RAVENS. Arizona will do enough on offense to keep this closer than 8.

SEAHAWKS (-3) over Bengals. Seahawks are the best team in the NFC.

REDSKINS (-3.5) over Giants. Washington looks relatively frisky as well. Plus, I hate the Giants.

RAIDERS (-3) over Browns. See above.

BRONCOS (-3.5) over Jags. I don't care if it's the "obvious" game. Denver are beasts at home.

FALCONS (+4) over Panthers. I still believe. Although, COME ON JAKE DELHOMME.

Cowboys (+3) over BEARS. I agree with the SG that the Bears are overrated, although the Cowboys would be supreme wimps not to punt to Devin Hester.

Titans (+4.5) over SAINTS. Don't care that it's in NO. They've looked disgusting and I will not support them until proven otherwise. I thought they were America's team. Also, Reggie Bush is now a poor man's Warrick Dunn.

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