Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Obligatory Picks and Predictions Post

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So for the zero readers who may want to put down some fake money (wait, [0] times [fake money] = Rich Rich Rich!!!), herewith are the picks and predictions.

The Picks (home teams in CAPS)

Saints (+6.5) over the COLTS. No built in advantage playing in the dome. Everyone seems healthy. Just seems like too many points and I'm not sold on the Colts D.

BILLS (+3.5) over the Broncos. Just because. This is probably a bad pick, but I never pick against the Bills at home. Even in September. Plus, one of my fantasy teams is named Losman's flowing Locks, so I'm obligated here.

Pittsburgh (-3.5) over the BROWNS. I have no idea what to make of the Browns. This seems like an easy one.

Philly (-2.5) over GREEN BAY. Although I hope for the sake of the aforementioned Losman's Locks that Favre reverses recent history against the Eagles.

HOUSTON (-1.5) over Kansas City. Seems like Houston should be at least (-3) at home. KC is horrible.

Tennessee (+5.5) over JACKSONVILLE. Was Del Rio actually ever a good coach?

Atlanta (+2.5) over MINNESOTA. I think I might be drinking the SG Kool-aid.

Pats (-5.5) over JETS. J E T S Shut the $!&* Up!!! God I hate the Jets. I still remember Frank Lewis almost busting one against them in the '82 postseason only to get dragged down short of a TD.

RAMS (-1.5) over Cackalacka. This looks like another one I will be wrong on. Especially with Holt's injury.

WASHINGTON (-3.5) over Miami. Art Monk Belongs in the Hall of Fame! Art Monk Belongs in the Hall of Fame!

OAKLAND (-2.5) over Detroit. I have not drunk the Detroit Kool-Aid. Shaky QB? Check. Ponderous RB situation? Check. Mad Scientist Offensive Coordinator? Check.

WHALE'S VAGINA (-5.5) over Chicago. Line seems high, but I am scared of San Diego this year.

SEATTLE (-6.5) over Tampa Bay. Tampa has the chance to ruin about 99% of the suicide pools out there.

DALLAS, (-3.5) over the Giants. If there is a god. And I hate the Giants.

Baltimore (+3.5) over the CRIMINALS. They won't go 13-3 again, but they should walk in that division (and given that McNair is their QB, walking seems about appropriate).

SAN FRAN (-3.5) over Arizona. Please. Arizona? Neither party is mine. The Jackass or the Elephant.


AFC Playoff Teams: 1. San Diego. 2. New England. 3. Indianapolis. 4. Baltimore. 5. Pittsburgh. 6. Buffalo

Indy over Buffalo, Pittsburgh over Baltimore

Pats over Indy, San Diego over Pittsburgh

Pats over San Diego

NFC Playoff Teams

1. New Orleans. 2. Seattle. 3. Chicago. 4. Philly. 5. San Francisco. 6. Washington

Chicago over Washington, Philly over San Fran

Saints over Philly, Seattle over CHicago

Seattle over Saints

Pats over Seattle in the Super Bowl


taxgirl said...

Did you even see the Colts/Saints game last night? Ain't no way the Saints are going to take down the Eagles.

Jay said...

Yeah, Um. What I know about football you could fit in a golf ball. 0-1 so far, but I'll wait until the Saints play a team in their own talent level. Like the eagles.