Friday, October 19, 2007

The Baseball Update

Ahhhhhh... back to business, back to Boston.

I watched the game last night from the bar at Morton's here in the city with a good friend from Boston who was down. Reminded me of the '04 ALCS when I watched the comeback games in San Francisco with the same guy, plus some other guys. Good transplant karma, I guess.

It still started out frustrating - like games 2-4 - the Sox were getting lots of chances, but not capitalizing - the Manny throwout at home, the long single, Lugo's DP (which I called). But the worm obviously turned and some of those breaks I've been talking about went the Sox' way - miscues in the field, ball 4 calls that were close - and timely hitting (not clutch, just timely).

Three Things I Noticed: (1) It was the curveball that did it for Beckett. The hook was nasty all night and the Indians just couldn't figure it out, even upon third viewing in the 7th and 8th. (2) Lugo is just terrible. I didn't get the infatuation last year when the rumors were heating up that the Sox would not resign Gonzalez and go after Lugo. He doesn't hit. He doesn't field. He's a 30 steal guy with a penchant for GIDPS. The only entertaining thing about him is his passion for cup adjustments, which he doesn't even seem to be doing as much. Ah well, I shouldn't be negative after a game like last night. (3) Joe Buck and McCarver were actually excellent last night. I had the sound off and can say that they have never sounded better.

Let's go to the Blogs....

Jere has a typically passionate take on the game and golden goblets.

Keep Your Sox On says that Beckett goes to 11.

Peter says that Beckett was Santa Claus (he has a lot of Mrs. Clauses, apparently).

Surviving Grady is calling for the Randy Johnson move from Beckett if it gets to 7. He also finds the hidden meaning in the art of holding a microphone.

Soxaholix say let the "real Indian" play.

Back later. Busy morning.

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