Sunday, October 28, 2007

Quick NFL Picks

Real quick this week, I have $hit to do around the house...

Browns (-3) over RAMS. Norm van Brocklin is spinning in his grave.

BEARS (-5) over Lions. I believe in the power of Griese.

BUCS (-3.5) over Jags. Yes, feel the power of the favorites this week.

Panthers (+7) over COLTS. I really want the Colts to lose to take some of the craziness out of next week's Pats-Colts matchup.

Bills (+3) over JETS. Seriously, how could you ever root for a team that presents this guy as the face of the franchise?

Also, this is the first real "test" for Trent Edwards as it seems he now really has a handle on the starting job. I'm worried about Kelsay possibly not playing, but I like the Bills to come on strong in the second half this year and get to 6-10.

(by the way, the Goose's Roost had this excellent piece on the whole QB "controversy", which was ridiculous in the first place.

BENGALS (+3.5) over Steelers . Pittsburgh was exposed last week and Cincy has been playing better. By the way - there haven't been any stories this year about how the Bengals are staying out of trouble, have there?

Eagles (-1) over VIKINGS . Because Philly just can't be this bad.

Raiders (+7.5) over TITANS. I don't think Tennessee is built to blow teams out.

Saints (-2.5) over 49ERS. So who was the Saint who posted this craigslist ad? (link via deadspin). My money's on Aaron Stecker.

Dolphins (+9.5) over Giants. (neutral field). I'd say the Dolphins win outright if the Jason Taylor robot can find a way to get into the game.

PATRIOTS (-16) over Washington. 7-0 ATS this year and this is the week everyone is giving up on them. Um, inexperienced QB on the road against Belichick? check. Richard Seymour getting back into the game for the Pats to stabilize run defense? check. I say DC pots no more than 10 points on the board. 31-10 Pats.

BRONCOS (-3) over Packers. Farve continues his seasonal transition from God to Moron - as the leaves turn, you can count on it.

CHARGERS (-9) over Texans. QB situation is nasty in Houston, otherwise I would take them. I don't see Norv as a "bring the boys together" coach - he's more a "what play do I call again?" coach.

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