Monday, October 22, 2007

Tito is a Good Manager

I was not among the Tito bashers when he went with Wakefield over Beckett in Game 4. The numbers were on Tito's side. Wakefield was fresh. Wakefield did not pitch a gem in Game 4, but he also was not the reason the Sox lost. Beckett then went on regular rest in Game 5, Schill was Schill in Game 6 and the Sox blew the Indians out of the water in Game 7.

And then there is this (from Buster Olney's ESPN chat today)
brendan(ny): What happened to Travis Hafner? How come he doesn't get the same treatment as ARod despite a miserable postseason?

Buster Olney: Brendan: His bat was incredibly slow the last three games. And there is some thought in the Cleveland family that facing Wakefield's knuckler may have fouled up some of the Indians' hitters for the last few days of the series

Excuse? Doesn't matter. Good call Tito.

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