Sunday, October 7, 2007

Real quick

I've updated the link list to include Joe Posnanski's new blog. Good stuff. Check it out.

Also, Sox = Awesome. Yankees = Annoying. I haven't seen any game stories of the sox win, othert than the usual suspects. The Projo Blog, as usual, kicks the Globe and Herald's "blogs" asses. Go there to see post-game reaction.

My NFL picks (below) are horrible. Don't ever look to me for gambling advice. That said, take the over tomorrow and lay the points (despite the fact that I never bet against the Bills).

Enough tonight. More tomorrow. Go Bills.


Peter N said...

Hello on this glorious Red Sox morning. I don't need to say anything else!!!! Great blog!

Jay said...

Thanks Peter. Amen, brother. Not sure whether to root for the Indians, or just a long series with Joba and Rivera pitching 2 innings each on Wednesday...

Same to you on the blog. Take care.