Monday, October 1, 2007

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The Bills

From the Goose's Roost is the crowning of the Trent Edwards era. Vince Wilfork = Mo Lewis?

Here is the BfloBlog's recap of yesterday's game. I echo the concerns about the conservative playcalling.

Circling the Wagons has its report card up already. I don't agree with the B- for the WRs - they bailed out Trent Edwards with numerous jumps and leaps.

The Sox

A ton of pics from Friday night's clincher from a A Sox Fan in Pinstripe Territory. Still no isolated video of Papelbon dancing like an idiot.

El Guapo's Ghost breaks down the Sox October roster. He notes that Javier Lopez has been useless as a LOOGY this year.

Ahhh... HERE his video of Papelbon and Youk dancing. still not the crazy G.O.B. dance I saw replayed on NESN, but good nonetheless. Thank you over the monster

More later.

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