Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Not Alot of Time This Morning

So this will be a quick one.

Kenny Lofton -- Really?

Dice-K -- Actually did not pitch that badly. The Lofton Home Run was just barely over the fence, and the 4th run scoring on the Hafner fielder's choice was similarly unlucky. Pedroia missed the DP by about 6 inches. That said, he had a case of Scott Kazmir-itis throwing over 100 pitches through less than 5. At times I was yelling for him to throw more fast balls, but his curve was his out pitch in the 3rd and 4th. I am not too worried, but I am hoping the Sox can take it in 6th so we don't need to see Dice-K out there in the 7th.

Brian Gorman did a horrible job behind the plate. YOu know the ump is lousy when Joe "Milquetoast" Buck is openly questioning balls (heh) and strikes. I do think that Fox's strikecast, or whatever the hell it is called, is not an accurate representation of the strike zone.

Silver Lining? The bullpen was once again nasty, going 3 1/3 of scoreless ball.

Sox Blogs:

Keep Your Sox On with a tour de force post from last night's game. I especially liked the joke about "Grady's Ladies". They were so ugly even McCarver wouldn't throw them a bone.

Sox Fan In Hell advises calmness. Serenity now! (note - I agree 100%).

Red Sox Chick is also trying to stay positive (after an angry post last night - I felt the exact same way during and after the game.

Peter, I think, wants Francona to skip Wake. He also has some choice words for Dice-K's start.

More to come.

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