Monday, October 22, 2007

Job Well Done

Squanders in the first 3 innings. Nail biting in innings 4 through 6. Dodging a bullet in the 5th - with a little help from the second base ump. Then a breakthrough in the 7th, aided by an error and some luck. Then the floodgates opening in the 8th.

The Sox did it with a little more execution (specifically the pen), a few breaks (the Manny grounder off the lip that went for a single instead of a DP) and one bad call by the second base ump and an historic mistake by Joel Skinner.

Check the archives. I was never more than moderately nervous, and was actually pretty confident all through the series. Even in the dark day after going down 3-1. Team has too much talent and the breaks were due to even out. Now, the Sox get to face God's team. Good luck to them.

Enjoy the celebration. I am f-d at work tomorrow.

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